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1. Most viewed site is ‘Sam the Ugliest Dog’.

2.Most commented on site is ‘Sam the Ugliest Dog’

3.The favourite site is ‘Sam the Ugliest Dog’

4.The main referrer was ‘images.google.com’

5.The keywords were, ugliest dog, pink range rover, irish dogs, twitter background, photos of the ugliest dog.


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I regularly vist www.flickr.com

I regularly use this site to upload and share images for the #egfdell Web Promotion for Business course.

The information the site analyists can gain from my actions on the site are as follows, My impact on the bounce rate would be very low as I usually move around the site completing tasks. The conversation rate on the site would be low as I usually navigate around the site to complete the tasks I am given and rarely look at account update details. My time on the site can vary depending on the task I am doing. My referrer can vary depending on what other tasks I am doing on the computer. The most visited pages would be my home page, the upload page and the sharing page.

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Paddy here: I have just registered on WordPress for the #egfdell.

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