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We recently took part in a ‘Web Promotion for Business’ course in conjunction with The European Globalisation Fund and The Tipperary Institute. One of our assignments for that course was a group project, we decided to do some research on the old Quakers graveyard in Limerick. Michael one of our group participants, took a lead role in this research as it was his idea. The first element of our project was a video shot by Michael at the Quakers graveyard, the history of the Quakers in Limerick was revealed by Michael as he strolled around the beautiful, serene surroundings.

Rob and Paddy created an Audioboo to compliment ‘Michael’s Video’ and this blog is just giving a background to the other work that was completed. The rest of our project can be found on http://www.delicious.com/patrickminnock and http://www.google.com/reader/view/#overview-page


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#egfdell is the tag for a Web Promotions for Business Course conducted by the European Globalisation Fund in conjunction with Tipperary Institute. All the work completed by the participants is tagged #egfdell.

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Am I the only Leinster fan married to a Northampton woman who lives in Munster. Nervous few weeks.

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